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jasonmarten News

I will return Sunday 1/20
Published: 2019-01-18

Hi all!
So as everyone knows I was recently diagnosed with another medical condition. Over the last two weeks I have been trying to get accommodated with it and allow my medicine to take effect. I can tell everyone that I have it in a manageable state and should be able to draw again. I will be on Sunday to do a new warm up drawing and hopefully be more consistent with my art. thanks for the support everyone.

Thank you,

I'll Be Back Thursday To Livestream
Published: 2019-01-09

So the doctor says I have trigeminal neuralgia on my left side of my face. I have been diagnosed with this before on the right side. This is no joke pain!! The pain is less now and I will be on Thursday night at 8pm to show more warm up art. Thanks for the support everyone.


Live Stream Cancelled For Wednesday
Published: 2019-01-02

Hi all!
Sorry I have to either postpone or cancel Livestream today. My laptop which I was using as the webcam is not working. I plan to go out and buy a webcam, and if I find one that works I will be on for a lat night session. Sorry about this everyone.

I will be on Thursday at 7pm for a session on how I do my warm up sketches.


Who Wants To Talk To Me???
Published: 2018-12-17

Hi all!
Once the livestream is up and ready here I will be setting up times to draw live for everyone. Go ahead and put up any requests of what you would like me to try in my style. I will pick one out and be out there for everyone to see. Yup, you getting all of me and you've been warned!

The Delivery Men and Diary of A Diabetic
Published: 2018-12-17

Hi all!
So I am currently drawing the first three strips for "The Delivery Men" and filming the first episode of "Diary of A Diabetic". We plan to have both out come January and a preview will be posted on Christmas Eve for everyone to see. So be ready to laugh, to cry, to kiss a few minutes of your life goodbye!! . . .it'll only be a couple minutes.


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