Jacob Coble's Mini-Masterpieces!

Published: 2019-03-08

Jacob Coble's Mini-Masterpieces!
Article written by Chris Carson

The the first time I saw Jacob was at a comic book convention in Houston, TX and he was painting live. He was painting alongside 2 other artists and when I complimented his work he opened up and showed his creative charm.

I knew at some point we would want to showcase Jacob's work and show as many people as we can the brilliance of Jacob's impressionistic painting style. Whether he is painting landscapes, outerspace, or cityscapes, Jacob's incomparable style resonates. We are proud to have Jacob's Mini-Masterpiece's here on artfarm.tv!

Jacob Coble's Mini Masterpiece's are so beautiful and charming, they are going fast! Before we even started showcasing them one already sold. Hurry and see what's still available!

Also, Jacob will be painting a mini-masterpiece LIVE on artfarm.tv @ 8pm central time. Favorite Jacob's station now for a reminder!